News and Projects : Archive 2013

Perpetrator: the Human in the Machine at the u s e r u n f r i e n d l y
The first UK solo exhibition for Ubermorgen 'u s e r u n f r i e n d l y' opens on 11 October in Caroll/Fletcher gallery in London. In the accompanying catalogue my essay 'Perpetrator: human in the machine'. The publication can be downloaded here U S E R U N F R I E N D L Y

from the press release:
u s e r u n f r i e n d l y is the first solo exhibition in the UK for UBERMORGEN - the Swiss-Austrian-American duo founded in 1999 by lizvlx and Hans Bernhard. The exhibition features installations, videos, websites, actions, pixellated prints, digital-oil paintings and photographs in a hyper-active, super-enhanced exploration of censorship, surveillance, torture, democracy, e-commerce, and newspeak. The works seek to destabilise our understanding of the influence of technology, corporations and governments on our everyday lives and subvert the dominant networks of power that structure our world.

(...) The exhibition will be accompanied by a 32pp publication featuring an essay by curator Magda Ty?lik-Carver and conversations between UBERMORGEN and Austrian quantum physicist Dr. Tobias Noebauer and between UBERMORGEN and Edward Snowden.

exhibition and series of linked events (co-curated with Janet McEwan)
14-21 June, CMR, Redruth, Cornwall, UK

Gaslighting opens on 14 June in CMR in Redruth. Among artists: Dom Allen, Chris Anthem, Ismet J Khawaja, Moe Satt, Tim Shaw, K K Stone, Systaime, Ubermorgen, Kate Walters, Ian Whitford, Tintin Wulia and others.

For more information visit the Gaslighting website

Ghost Factory
exhibition of Ghost Machine (work by Andrew Prior and Magda Tyzlik-Carver)
22 -23 March, CMR, Redruth, Cornwall, UK

Documentation of this short work-in-progress exhibition is now available on the Ghost Machine website here

from the invitation to the Ghost Factory:

"This is a voluntary work experience and there is considerable doubt it will be of any use in this life or thereafter.

Ghost Machine is an application [*] for instant remediation. It translates pdf files and quicktime movies into sound and video format. It is built with MaxMSP and can be downloaded on the Ghost Machine website."

To find out more about the project go to Ghost Machine