GASLIGHTing is an exhibition & series of linked events at CMR gallery, Redruth in Cornwall, UK. It is produced in association with West Cornwall Freedom from Torture Supporters Group.

The focus of this curated programme is ‘gaslighting’ - a form of mental torture involving the systematic erosion of another’s reality, employed to control victims. Our intention to use ‘gaslighting’ as the theme for this project is to suggest how the work of Freedom from Torture has pertinence beyond the borders of the countries we usually associate with human rights violations. The focus is on complexities of power relations played out in different cultural contexts and how they impact on everyday lives through inflicting pain and suffering, be it physical or psychological, or through manipulating reality in such a way that deeply disturbing actions are considered rational.
Crucially, this project will assert that torture in any form can NEVER be justified.

The exhibition showcases work by invited international and Cornwall based contemporary artists.

Five Studies for the Head of John the Baptist, Chris Anthem (UK/Lebanon)

Silence #28: DSK, Silence #26:Nafissatou Diallo, Silence #23: Obama: Osama Bin Laden Dead
, Michaël Borras aka Systaime (FR)

Now in History, Ilker Cinarel (Turkey/UK)

Crumble Slab (UK)

Look at Me When I Talk to You, Ismet J. Khawaja(Pakistan)

2 hands around Rangoon, , Moe Satt (Myanmar)

Hear My Voice , Kimberley K. Stone (Sco/S.A.)


Woman exposed, Kate Walters (UK)

Dumbass, Ai Weiwei (China)

'18-09-11' Ian Whitford (UK)

Ketok, Tintin Wulia (Indonesia/AUS)

Short films programme includes work from

Gina Czarneki (UK)

Gillian Dyson (UK)

Mona Hatoum (Leb)

Fiona Lewis Lambert (UK)
Grace Ndiritu (Kenya/UK)

Read more about gaslighting here

14 - 21 June 2013, CMR, Redruth, Cornwall

Exhibition curated by Janet McEwan and Magda Tyzlik-Carver