turning language into objects
24 July - 17 August 2009
paper toy and wall newspaper
realised with Sönke Hallman, Paul Gangloff, with special thanks to Inga Zimprich
exhibited as part ofAgency for Small Claims at Bureau for Open Culture

the toy at the Agency for Small Claims

The paper toy turning language into objects borrows its form from the tangram, a puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes that allow for different figures to appear. Its textual fragments come from two sessions of the series playing practice, which took place in April and July 2009.
turning language into object was a response to the curator's invitation to participate in Agency for Small Claims - a year-long exhibition space which opens conversations about art-making practices that are research-based; supporting art-making practices that ask what is public and private space; documenting art-making practices that are temporary exchanges between people and communities.