New Models of Curating?
2005 -2008
research project supported by iRes Research in Network Art, University College Falmouth, Falmouth (UK)

The main questions of the project were:

1) What models of curating / curatorial activity can be distinguished and recognised as the result of operating in the environment of Internet and within the structures of social web and its networked systems defined through the existing and emergent protocols?

2) In what way has curatorial activity responded to the technologies offered by the Web 2.0?

3) As the tactical media, net art and hacking are the result of activists, artists and programmers reaction prompted by the availability and distributional qualities of the new medium of Internet and World Wide Web, what are the examples of curatorial activity which follow this ethos of engagement?

This research was based in theoretical and practical activities. Online debates, exhibitions, workshops, interviews and surveys were the research methods used in the process.