Virtual Networks Social Fabrics
collaborative research project, conference forum and text
with Sönke Hallmann and Scott Rigby
supported by iRes Research in Network Art at University College Falmouth

Research project Virtual Networks Social Fabrics was originally proposed as a conference panel for Networks of Design Conference organised by Design History Society in 2008 and research residency at iRes. A week residency became a space of reflecting on 'the common' through the practice of the Department of Reading and its conceptual assumptions; the research practice, theoretical discussions as well as curatorial approach of the research project New Models of Curating?; and within the frame of Plausible Artworlds

Collaborative research was based on exploring subjects and knowledge gathered independently through the work within the context of each of the projects. Conversations, online sessions (Department of Reading session and Potluck organised by Basekamp) during the exhibition, works developed for the exhibition (IN)visible networks, and a forum during the conference facilitated exchange of ideas, findings and practices developed within the context of participating projects.

This collaborative, process based methodology lead to a collaborative text Virtual Networks Social Fabrics written on a wiki and later published in a book of proceedings from a conference. A curatorial project playing practice initiated in April 2009, was also a result of Virtual Networks Social Fabrics.